Winter wonderland


It’s not too late to catch up with this year’s instalment of Winterwatch, broadcast in January from the Sherborne estate in the Cotswolds.

It’s the familiar format, with good-humoured knockabout exchanges between the three main presenters, cameras installed in key hotspots across the estate and recorded inserts from around the country, with Gillian Burke on the road once more, coming live from Islay in the Scottish highlands.

But beyond enjoying the repartee between Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan, the argumentative badgers, majestic eagles and the site of Martin Hughes-Games dabbling in the brook to find baby trout and marvelling at the size of a horseshoe bat’s penis, it’s an opportunity to be briefly reunited with a team who have done more than most to boost ordinary people’s interest in the natural world.

The programmes may lack the breathtaking drama of David Attenborough’s Blue Planet series, but it’s the BBC’s largest outside broadcast event and nowadays incorporates a range of behind-the-scenes clips, extra footage, blogs from the team and articles frompartner organisations which delve deeper into the stories and science on the show.

Unmissable! Roll on the spring bank holiday and the return of Springwatch…

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