What to spot by the waterside

WILDLIFE lovers who live near water can pick up a free spotter’s guide to birds, insects and animals they might look out for on a waterside wander.

The Canal and River Trust has put together a free family nature guide to what walkers might find on, in and by the water.

The trust encourages families to take a trip to their nearest waterway and see how many different species they can spot.

The guide complements an online introduction to more than two dozen species that can be found by water, from bees and dragonflies to owls and kingfishers, newts and water voles.

The charity safeguards some 2,000 miles of wildlife-rich waterways which form a “green-blue ribbon” between hundreds of wildlife habitats, and looks after hundreds of bridges and aqueducts to ensure boats can move freely around the network.

For more information about the work of the trust, or how to volunteer with them, see their website. Apply for the free nature guide using the link above.