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The best way of supporting us is to spread the word about what we’re trying to do at The Beyonder – so please do share our news, articles and pictures online, via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We’re keen to generate a debate about how to better protect our natural environment and we’re also keen to encourage volunteers and regular contributors.

We want the magazine to be editorially led and we certainly don’t want to undermine the ethos of the website as it grows or develops. But if you share our goals and believe you could help through sponsorship, advertising, prize competitions etc, please get in touch – we’re always prepared to listen.


Eventually, we would like to be able to commission our own writers and photographers and ensure all contributors get properly rewarded. Initially, we have been forced to rely on our own poorer quality images, along with some welcome contributions from friends and supporters, or websites like Unsplash, from which these images have been taken to temporarily supplement our own site images.

Thanks and credit therefore go to Gabriel Garcia Marengo (above) and our other featured photographers, Mark Daynes, Oliver Olah, Rob Bye and Toni Lluch respectively, whose memorable images are reproduced below.