Picture of the month: June 2022

HOT on the heels of Oxfordshire’s Artweeks comes the chance to see hundreds more artists at work during June’s Bucks Art Weeks event.

Once more local artists, makers and designers across the county up throw their studios open to guests and get ready to discuss what inspires their work.

WOODCUT WITH WATERCOLOUR: Bee friendly garden by Helen Taylor

And the lockdowns of recent years have meant much of the work can be viewed all year round in galleries on the organisers’ website.

This month’s featured artist is Helen Taylor, primarily a printmaker working in woodcut and etching who likes to explore and amplify the natural world of trees, plants and flowers.

Showing the incredible variety of colour and shape, the sheer diversity of what can grow in our own back gardens and local places, Helen’s work is inspired by well known botanical and architectural ‘meeting’ places such as Kew  and Oxford Botanic Gardens, familiar to many, but also hidden places in her local area.

See the main Bucks Artweeks website for more details and galleries.

The Beyonder features short profiles of a score of artists who draw their inspiration from the Chilterns countryside. Find out more here.

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